Why Content Marketing is BULLSHIT!

Why Content Marketing is BULLSHIT!

keep calm & ignore bullshit

With SEOmoz re-branding themselves to Moz (The new Content Marketing Company, rather than an SEO Company) and the continuous stream of be ethical bullshit that comes our way, I thought I’d take a look at REAL SEO, the good ol’ days of link building and stuffing! Why it’s far from dead and little companies should be using it, rather than trying to brand themselves like the big boys.

I recently commented on a Search Engine Watch post by Jon Ball, in which he talks about why he’s sick to death of content marketing! Much like myself, I’m a HUGE fan of the Moz blogs, and SEJ, SEW, SERoundTable etc.. and a number of the authors behind it, but it really gets to me when people make posts on why these small companys should be doing content marketing instead of SEO.

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The prime goal for a “small business/company” is to develop itself into a big business/company, and by spending hours and $100s of very little return, rather than doing things to rank in Google and actually sell stuff, really gets on my nerves!

There was an awesome post on Downton Ecommerce about using Link Building (aka part of SEO, nothing to do with damn content marketing!) to build not only links but traffic to your blog via Forums. I love using forums to generate traffic as you’ll see by my blog’s case study.

SEO For Small Business

Tools for Small Business SEO & Online Marketing:

I thought I’d actually give you something for small businesses to use that’ll help your SEO on a small business level (basically: doesn’t cost a fortune, does the job and brings in sales from the SERPs).

SEO Pressor – A WordPress plugin that gives you suggestions for onpage optimization and a heap ton more features, it’s only $47 and that’s your onpage SEO covered with a couple edits of your pages, of course!

Whitespark’s Local Citation Finder – This allows you to find local directories, blogs etc.. for more localized businesses and link build easily from local backlinks.

Dlvr.it – Automatically post to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social networks with related content to make it a lot easier to manage.

MailChimp – Keep on top of your Email newsletters for totally free and help build up an email list, easily, as well as get stats on readers and on your newsletter campaigns.

Ahrefs – For keeping track of your backlinks as well as your social signals pointing to your site.

iWriter - Need new and fresh content? or looking for content for your link building purposes? iWriter offers super cheap but keeping quality and consistency to help you with any content needs – Just in case you want a blog to help with your content marketing efforts as well ;)

Fiverr – Sometimes you need a little helping hand, whether it’s a virtual assistant to do some research or content, social interaction or even some link building work done for you (though be careful when it comes to backlink building gigs, check out my Fiverr post on some good SEO gigs available on Fiverr).

I hope this little post helped you, if you have any tools you recommend for small business owners that you think should go on this list, drop a comment below!

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