The McDojo Scam

The McDojo Scam

I wouldn’t class myself as an expert or anywhere near it when it comes to scams and being a “scam artist” but unfortunately (and I say unfortunately, as I don’t think scams are a good thing) I’ve grown up with scams left, right and centre. As internet marketers, we’re bombarded with the latest SEO software and networks that’ll “dominate the search engines” all of which are pretty untrue unless put into the right hands.

Your site probably won’t even hit page 3 and after penguin any automated software, will more than likely kill your SERP rankings all together rather than dominate them.

Anyways, onto the first scam I’ve come across. This is the “McDojo” scam.

Learn some basic moves from a specific martial art (Karate, Jiu Jitsu etc..) This is super easy as you now have the internert, it’s something called YouTube search.

Find a cheap venue (A town hall or school gym), there are tons of these dotted around and school halls tend to be the best as you can then freely advertise around the school (with permission, which is pretty easy to get).

Blast local free advertisements with a easy to make graphic at £25 ($40) per session (sessions can be 1 or 2 hours long). Local newspapers, radio, schools, shops and venues tend to offer free advertisements of leaflets or shoutouts to any new/local business or event.

Spend half the session talking about crap and getting to know all the people who have attended then spend the second half going over the basic moves you’ve now mastered from the YouTube video and couple hours you spent practising. Try to get the audience involved and if you can, try to oversell with some costumes you can buy of eBay.

Do this 2 or 3 times in the week you’re in that town (So you get a different mixture of people) then rinse and repeat on the next town.

Average attendees you’ll get: 30 – 40

35 x 25 = 875

875 x 3 = 2625

Total income in a week: £2625 / $3977

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