The Best SEO Gifs Ever Made

The Best SEO Gifs Ever Made

I hadn’t done a “fun” post in a while.. So thought I might give all those wanna-be SEO bloggers a bit of a helping hand when they want to try and recreate CCarter’s weekly posts for there own.

GIFs are awesome, small image files that are repetitive.. Basically no sound videos.

So, if you want to improve your SEO post, take your selection of the Gifs below! If you want them ALL. Then check at the bottom for where you can Share this post to download a ZIP File of them all, for free!

1) Panda Rampage

That pesky content favouring Panda decides to smash up an SEO Companies office.

Google Panda Gif

Learn How to Beat a Rampaging Panda Here.

2) Penguin Update Arrives

The dreaded Penguin algorithm update launches itself out of the blue for a surprise Ninja-like attack on your site.

Penguin Arrives

Learn How to Beat these Evil Penguins Here.

3) See Your Rankings Go Down, Down, Down

Matt Cutts laughs whilst showing how your rankings are going to go Down, Down, Down.

Down Cutts

4) Chris Dyson’s GIF Based Link Building Process

I would include all of the Gifs he put together, but instead here’s a link to it.. I hadn’t got chance to ask his permission yet.

5) Google Slap

Google Slap


6) Guest Post Emails


Guest Post Emails

7) Every Matt Cutts Video

Every Cutts Video

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Credits –

These Gifs weren’t made by me, so credits (in no particular order) to the following sites:

Thanks For Reading –

I hope you enjoyed this post, I haven’t done a fun one in a while and thought I might put one out!

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