Stop Complaining About Parashites

Stop Complaining About Parashites

I did a blog post that was pretty popular back in November last year, and updated it at the start of this year. Though the update was pre-end of May updates.

The post itself featured an Interview with Terry Kyle and an in-detailed look into Parasite SEO. Before I get into the rest of the post, I’d also like to give you an oppurtunity to watch my Presentation that I did at the start of 2014 at the iGaming Search Think Tank –

My presentation focused on Parasite SEO and it was also the first conference I attended – As well as the first conference I’d spoken at! Double whammy, aye.

The Question –

At the end of the presentation, the audience was given some questions to ask me. One stuck out on how long I thought this kind of SEO would actually last – Especially as the downfall of Pinterest’s parasite pages were hit pretty hard last year by Google.

Now that Panda has hit, I’ve seen a LOT of people complaining about their Parasites either being removed/deindexed from the SERPs entirely or dropping pretty heavily in the rankings. There is actually 2 pretty easy and non-technical reasons for this, so I’ll do each one as it’s own part.

Answer 1) Panda Updated.

The first is pretty simple.. Most Parasites are very poor quality.

It’s simple enough to check by doing a few Google footprint queries – “over saturated niche here”

Will bring back thousands and thousands of results.

If your Parasite looks like this –

payday loans

Then please stop complaining when it doesn’t rank…

Panda checks the actual quality of a webpage, if your page has bad English, hardly any content and a thousand other reasons that Panda uses to rank your page, then don’t be surprised that you drops/dropped.

Answer 2) They’re As The Title Says… Parashites.

There are 3 main points I try to have in every one of my Parasite pages, not only for search engines but also for the users and conversion rate as well:

1) A Main CTA – A call to action, preferably at the top of the page or somewhere the user can access it straight away is a big part of your conversion. Most parasite pages you can’t make money from the user just landing on that one page, you have to send them elsewhere via a link afterwards. Hence the good affiliate earnings.

2) Good Content – As I showed you in the above example, you need good content.. Especially when Panda re-runs, it’ll filter out all of the spammy crap that’s made through spinners or $2 articles. Try to put in Imagery and YouTube videos as well, things that actually are of value to the User, not just GoogleBot.

3) A Good Title – Almost every Parasite you create, you’ll be able to optimize the title via the page editor. It’s pretty simple as a Meta Title change can cause your Parasite to fluctuate massively, keyword stuffing works well on spammed pages like Parasites.

Make your Parasite pages actually good quality, and you’ll not only massively increase conversion rate and the money you make back of them, but you’ll also rank a lot higher.

Thanks for Reading –

I hope you enjoyed my post and can now improve your own Parasite pages.

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