Pandamonium, Episode 4.0

Pandamonium, Episode 4.0

Update #1 – Payday Goes Thai

Mago, who’s a good friend of mine and I’ve worked with on a few projects now pointed out that some pages of the UK Payday Loans SERPs are going haywire! For example, Page 31 seems to be entirely made up of Thai websites –

payday thai

Interesting concept, if Panda is now ranking Thai sites with god-awful content.


Update #2 – Duplicate Dominance

Thanks to Todd for submitting this into me!

Panda is supposed to be the content update… Yet this site seems to rank even though there are duplicate other versions of it across the web.

ca panda example

Even though it’s an exact duplicate of Interesting how it persists to rank.. Very, very nicely for the main keywords they’re targeting in Canada.


I decided to lie in this morning… Big mistake. I check my Facebook, Twitter and Emails via my iPhone every morning before leaving bed to do the normal human being routine of getting showered, watered, fed and eventually dressed.

Twitter did not disappoint…

Yup, Cutts announced that today was the day Panda 4.0 was rolling out. It didn’t stop there however.

I asked Agent to further elaborate on this, so he gave me a small statement which I’ve put towards the end of the article for you guys (and gals!) – Click here to jump to the comment.

Luckily for us, we’ve only seen 1 of our clients hit. Though I did see a MASSIVE fluctuation on one of my own sites today, so I thought I’d do a bit of analysis on that, rather than some of the random other speculation that has been flooding my Timeline for the past 2 hours…

The Site That Fluctuated MASSIVELY –

So I’m a big fan of the video game League of Legends. So, last year I started running a fan blog and forum called Agents of League. This sites fluctuation this morning was absolutely crazy!

The Forums, once ranking on the middle of page one dropped by about 20 places down to pages 3 and 4.

Whereas the guides my writers had put together jumped up massively from sometimes nowhere, right up to page #1.

This is probably because I insisted the writers aim for over 3,000 words when writing the blog posts, whereas the forum page has pretty much no content what so ever on it except for some very small descriptions I wrote for each forum. This is something I am now going to go and try and work on to push more content onto the main Forum page which used to rank.

From what I’ve seen so far, Panda doesn’t really respond well to the quality of a piece of writing.. but it responds fantastically to the length. The Forum descriptions are perfectly written and I spent quite a bit of time personally writing them. Whereas the posts, though they’re good quality to the readers, are written by a Pro Gamer who lives in Lithuania and hasn’t got the best of English literature and grammar skills. A lot of the guides he’s put out for me contain quite a few mistakes, but Google seemingly loves them!

I guess with this site, only time will tell what Google decides.

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I’ll be updating this post throughout the day, as more information gets passed onto me and I do more research. So check back when you can!

Agent BlackHat’s Statement –

I think of Panda 4.0 as the “Whitehat Killer”, Panda is the algorithm update which solidifies my belief that the route Matt Cutts and the Google spam team are taking is one which is in direct conflict with what they say they are trying to achieve. Panda is the algorithm update which turns successful and honest online businesses into stories of bankrupcy. And for Whitehats, the most astonishingly frustrating part of this is that Google will not even explain why their site was hit.

Thanks for Reading –

As always, thanks for reading my blog post and I wish you the best of luck fighting of this Vicious Panda!

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