Google’s “New Ranking Signal” & How It Can Hurt Your Rankings

Take a look at Google's New, Confirmed Ranking Signal - HTTPS and how adding an SSL Certificate can actually hurt your site's rankings.

Income Report – July 2014

Check out what I've got upto in July and exactly how it's made me money, and exactly how much money I've made from it all.

An Interview with Rising Something, SERPDerp

In this EXCLUSIVE Interview, SerpDerp reveals what's in store, where he got his famous dog picture from and talks of the rumours of him being CCarter.

The God of SEO Summer Reading Round-up, 2014

I'll be going through the SEO & Internet Marketing books I'm reading, and you should be too this Summer! In my first ever book based round-up.

How To Be The Worst SEO Company Possible

I'll be taking a look at "SOZO Design" - One of the worst SEO Companies we've ever seen, as Profoundry jumps into find a link network based entirely on client sites, reaching over 95 sites.

Hacking Facebook Ads #2 – Expanding Your Stolen Audiences

In this tutorial, I'll be showing you the 2nd part of my "Hacking Facebook Ads" Series, and how to expand your stolen audiences even more.

Fan Fishing – Find Your Audience, Stop Paying For Them To Find You

I'm tired of having to pay for people to find me, why not use your time and save money to have your audience find you? Welcome to Fan Fishing.

How I Growth Hacked A 1 Week Old Site to 2.5k+ Pageviews

I'll be showing you how I growth hacked the launch of Tecy.Co to over 2,500 Pageviews within the First Week of the Site being live.

Reddit – Ask Me Anything

I'm doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit /r/IAmA - Feel free to ask me about anything!

The New Google 30-Day Sandbox

I'll be taking a look at the most recent update to strike waves and fear into the heart of the SEO Community - The New 30 Page/Link Sandbox in Google.

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