My Blog’s Case Study – Blog Marketing Tips & Tricks

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My Blog’s Case Study – Blog Marketing Tips & Tricks

As some of you may know, my blog is super new! And by super I mean literally less than a month or even 3 weeks old (As of writing this post of course.

I published a HUGE case study on this blog here

It goes into the following:

  • How to Market your Blog
  • Downloadable Files – With tons of Awesome Goodies!
  • How I started my blog
  • Where I got my Ideas for Content from
  • How I built up my Blog’s reputation in a Small amount of time

I suggest anyone interested in blogging or setting up your own blog check it out!


– Charles

Charles Floate
I'm a UK based Search Engine Optimisation and Search Marketing Consultant. With over 5 years in the Search Industry, I'm hoping to build up God of SEO as a Dedicated Internet Marketing Blog with tons of Information for the Community to engage with.
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