Launching BlackHat.Community

Launching BlackHat.Community

For the past 6 months now, I’ve been working with Todd (Who I mentioned in my year case study) to develop the world’s first Black Hat SEO Tool Suite. We also wanted to integrate an entire community and site around the tool suite itself, though… So from the ashes of our idea and previous projects together, came BlackHat.Community.

We launched the public Beta 2 weeks ago and from that, we’ve had people like Paul Shapiro, Lazy Ass Stoner, Matthew Woodward and Ann Smarty using the Tools, Forums, Blog and private chats. So far, we’ve had 0 complaints and nothing but epic feedback.

You can check out the Beta video here:

Don’t worry, there’s a ton more things to come.

Current Features:

  • Blog Network Manager
  • Bulk PageRank Checker
  • Bulk Google Index Checker
  • Live Case Studies
  • Bulk Domain Availability Checker
  • Domain Market Scraper
  • TLD Filter
  • API Access for all Tools
  • Premium Skype Group
  • Paid Forum

You can signup for a Free or Premium account here.

A lot of people asked me over the past few months why my Course was 404’ing – That’s because I decided to close it whilst I built this new, epic suite of tools, forum, skype and more.

Thanks For Reading –

I know it’s not a normal post, but I’m very proud of this launch and wanted to give the opportunity to anyone looking to learn more.

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