Income Report – June 2014

Income Report – June 2014

I already covered a little bit of what’s been going on in June in my One Year Case Study – Which if you haven’t seen already, then I highly suggest you dedicate a few hours to give it a proper read!

I didn’t cover much though, and didn’t get onto my income bit for it either, so this report will give you ALL the details you need!

What’s Been Happening?

Well, I started of June with my How To Get Pwned by Google presentation, which has been gaining a lot of traction throughout June –

It’s been pretty popular so far, and I’m enjoying all the feedback I’ve gotten so far as well as all the discussion it’s created within the community.

I also put out the very first Chapter in my Affiliate Marketers Handbook series. Which I’m looking forward to working on the second, much bigger chapter that’ll be hitting the blog in July! As I hadn’t put out a fun post in a while, I brought together a collection of my favourite SEO Gifs for any SEO Bloggers out there wanting to add to their posts with some funny imagery.

I also went down to London for a day to talk to a bunch of students at University College London –


I showed them how to do Traffic Generation and Growth Hacking, you can view the slides for it below –

It went down pretty well and showcased a lot of case studies that they hadn’t seen before and showed how easy it is to market your site with no proper budgeting behind it.

I did an Interview with Rohit Palit on the Ahrefs blog, talked a lot about my projects over the past few months and some of my favourite tools.

The day after, I went even more black hat, diving into a case study of how Godlike Marketing got over 1,250 leads in just a few months by Dominating the UK SEO SERPs! I went into exact detail on how I ranked black hat sites for some of the UK most competitive keywords, and dominated them for close to 6 months.

I also went and stayed in Montreal for 11 days, I’ll be going back for 2 months this time on July 11th! Nearly had a heart attack when I couldn’t find my passport just 6 days before I was due to fly out, luckily.. I found it in my little brother’s lunch box –


He thought that’d be a better place for it, I guess.

I just about missed the forumla one, but didn’t get to ride a Tandem bike down the track and go past the finishing line with Dani –


As well as go to Montreal’s famous Old Port and go on the Pedalos! Or Peddle Boats as Dani calls em 😛


Right, the cheesyness is over!

I finished off June with my biggest post, and quite possible THE biggest post in Internet Marketing ever. My 15,500 word guide to earning over $115,000 in One Year, since I launched the God of SEO Blog last June.  There’ll also be a load more stuff to come in July for my anniversary! So stay tuned for more.

Statistics –

june 2014 stats

Unique Visitors: 6,414 / 4,259 (50% Increase)

Visits: 11,012 / 8,708 (26% Increase)

Pageviews: 22,534 / 18,055 (24% Increase)

April had my analytics plugin mess up, this month I’ve been able to give proper figures and a comparison of both.

I’ve had a good month for traffic, growing nicely since May!

Even with the penalty hitting, I’m still getting a load more traffic from elsewhere. Seems to actually be growing since the penalty, which I aim to keep up.

june ref

Twitter and Facebook are still the biggest source of traffic, and I’ll be looking to grow that even more over the coming months. I’ve also had a weird one from an Online Stats site, which I can’t seem to decipher where the traffic is actually coming from – It may just be a platform to hide your referral traffic from elsewhere.

I also invested a bit into Stumbleupon paid discovery for my Case Study, which has put a bit of traffic through to the blog and converted a few signups to the Newsletter. Reddit has also been growing, and my traffic on Reddit mainly seems to come from a pretty cool subreddit called /r/bigseo.

Earnings –

I’ve received a load more traffic this month, and it’s paid off a lot. I’ve been managed to convert a lot of the visitors to buyers of my course this month, signing a lot more members!

Affiliate Sales –

I’ve been pretty lack luster with my affiliate work for the past few months, my big case study towards the end of this month has setup a lot of pageviews for my tutorials however. So it’s been trickling in a lot more towards the end of this month.

SEO Traffic Hacks – $346.50 – Staying the same as last month, maybe do a bit more promotion of my Parasite tutorial in July.

ThemeForest – $625 – Stayed pretty similar to last month, Parasite’s have stuck at a good rate and my case study fired over a few commissions as well.

Ahrefs -$80 – Staying pretty steady, grown a bit since last month’s earnings.

Link Emperor – $895 – I now have 3 affiliate accounts with LE, as it’s hard to monitor the specifics when doing different campaigns with it, so I split them up in November and now have separate accounts for each affiliate campaign I’m running. Same as last month’s earnings, I said I’d try to ramp up sales but this month has been more about the content!

iWriter – $51 – Grown again, but not by much.. Still is great for being able to order good content for my link building work.. For free! Make’s it fantastically valuable.

I decided to remove Backlink Beast as it’s just a waste of time trying to promote it right now.

Tube Assist – 11 Subscriptions @ $5/Month = $55 – Stayed steady at the exact same as last month. People don’t seem to unsubscribe from this service but don’t seem to be signing up as much previously.

Consultancy/SEO Work –

My super network sales have grown from last month, last month I re-added the public blog network back to the main menu and have gotten a lot more enquiries this month about it. Hopefully those enquiries will pas into sales in April.

Super Network – £728 / $1,250

Course – £259 / $445

As a pre-warning, now that I have a team behind Godlike and I don’t do much (if any) of the client work any more, I only take on average around a 20% revenue cut per client as opposed to the much higher percentages I was taking when doing all the work myself. I do still however handle 2 clients to myself which I take the full revenue from.

SEO Work: £5,795 / $9,946 – Added an extra grand this month as I’m doing some work for Betfair, but clients etc.. Are staying steady and I haven’t been doing that much consultancy work, though I have a lot booked in for July.

Total Earnings This Month: £7,922 / $13,593.5

This month’s earnings have been pretty good. A rise since May, and I’ve been able to get a few new big clients/leads coming through as well! The blog’s been gaining more and more interest month on month, and I’m looking forward to it growing even more.

Thanks For Reading –

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