Income Report – July 2014

Income Report – July 2014

I’ve been putting out my Income Report series routinely again for the past few months, hopefully I can stick to putting them out at the end of every month. Though creating them and fact gathering is rather time consuming.

What’s Been Happening?

July has been a pretty solid month for the blog! I started off by putting an update to an old tutorial on How to be an SEO for Free, instead of the old How to be an SEO for $57 post. Showcasing a load more, new and free tools for people to get their hands on!

Next up was some “new” (yet old) news in the form of the Google Sandbox coming back and haunting us all. I gave my take on it, and how to beat it – From my own testing.

I also did an AMA on Reddit, which saw over 175 comments! Tons of questions came flooding in and I tried my hardest to answer them all, in detail. If you have a quick question, drop me it in the AMA and I’ll try to reply to any new questions, for the next few weeks!

I also launched the pre-run of my book:

img-device (1)


Which is set to launch in September, and I’m extremely excited! If you haven’t already, check out the Book’s site now.

I also got out the 2nd episode of my Hacking Facebook Ads Series –

As well as being featured in Sean Markey’s VisibleHQ Podcast with David McSweeney.

I’m also now living in Montreal for 2 months, which has been a blast so far and I’ll be attending Marie Haynes SEO Meetup in Ottawa at the start of August, expect plenty of pictures from that in the next Income Report.

I finished off July with a Gary Vaynerchuck inspired post on “Fan Fishing” – Which I’m hoping to cover more in a few upcoming posts.

Statistics –

july 2014 ana

Unique Visitors: 5,076 / 6,414 (20% Decrease)

Visits: 9,257 / 11,012 (15% Decrease)

Pageviews: 18,641 / 22,534 (17% Decrease)

Had a slight fall in traffic this month, but that’s mainly due to a lot of large, more viral posts going live last month. Posts that I have, and am still promoting now.

I’m hoping to put out another big post in August, which I’m working on now. As well as a bunch more guest posts are coming up, as well as a Secret Product launch towards the end of August.

ref juy

Matt’s blog has referred a whole heap of traffic this month! My E-Commerce tutorial has been growing popular again, I might run another traffic campaign for it soon.

My social work, especially with Facebook has shown some really good increases this month – I’ve been trying to grow out my social presence as much as possible since last year, and it’s been paying off a lot in terms of traffic.

Surprisingly, even with a deindexed blog.. I’m still apparently, getting traffic from Google. Interesting.

Earnings –

July has been a pretty steady month, I didn’t really do much outside of writing my massive posts though.. As they’re pretty damn time consuming! Hopefully August will pick up as I aim to spend a lot more time on traffic generation and client build up.

Affiliate Sales –

I’ve been pretty lack luster with my affiliate work for the past few months, my big case study towards the end of this month has setup a lot of pageviews for my tutorials however. So it’s been trickling in a lot more towards the end of this month.

SEO Traffic Hacks – $49.50 – Pretty big fall since last month, though I did update my tutorial in June which probably sent a bit more traffic (and in turn, sales) through.

ThemeForest – $950 – Grew a little bit this month, though I did put a few aff. links to ThemeForest in my 1 Year case study.

Ahrefs -$80 – Staying pretty steady, is the exact same as last month’s income.

Link Emperor – $895 – I now have 3 affiliate accounts with LE, as it’s hard to monitor the specifics when doing different campaigns with it, so I split them up in November and now have separate accounts for each affiliate campaign I’m running. Same as last month’s earnings, I said I’d try to ramp up sales but this month has been more about the content!

iWriter – $94.70 – Grown again, but not by much.. Still is great for being able to order good content for my link building work.. For free! Make’s it fantastically valuable.

I decided to remove Backlink Beast as it’s just a waste of time trying to promote it right now. This’ll be the last time I feature this message in an income report.

Tube Assist – 11 Subscriptions @ $5/Month = $55 – Stayed steady at the exact same as last month. People don’t seem to unsubscribe from this service but don’t seem to be signing up as much previously.

Consultancy/SEO Work –

I didn’t really do much promotion of my Super Network this month, so it’s fallen a bit since last month.. My course has however stayed the exact same and since I changed the HelloBar at the bottom of my site to mny public blog network, orders have blown up.

Super Network – £207 / $350

Public Blog Network – £533 / $900

Course – £259 / $445

As a pre-warning, now that I have a team behind Godlike and I don’t do much (if any) of the client work any more, I only take on average around a 20% revenue cut per client as opposed to the much higher percentages I was taking when doing all the work myself. I do still however handle 2 clients to myself which I take the full revenue from.

SEO Work: £5,795 / $9,946 – Same as last months earnings, haven’t really spent much time this month in getting new clients for the company – I’ve also been re-branding to a new agency that’s in the works. Announcements to follow, soon.

Total Earnings This Month: £7,636 / $12,870

A small decrease from last month, as expected with most of my time going to writing posts over earning money from clients/affiliate sales. I’m aiming for August to pick-up, though.

Thanks For Reading –

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