I got Banned of Inbound for being Helpful (Fun Times)

I got Banned of Inbound for being Helpful (Fun Times)

Update: There’s a pretty massive discussion on Google+ where Ed fry has gotten involved, check it out (after you’ve read this post) here.

So, some of you may of seen (via my Twitter or Google+) that I posted on Inbound about the lack of moderation and gave them some examples of spam and tips on how to combat spam (Daily sharing limit etc..) the response?


Yup, I was banned of inbound, a site I’ve been on for months and actively contributed to.

It does however get funnier, even though I was banned and my profile no longer exists. I’m still sitting pretty comfortably at #3 of the “Influential Members” list.

Influential Members - Charles Floate

Not to mention the fact that my discussion caused some real debate, with the likes of Tom Roberts, Mark Traphagen and others getting involved with the conversation.

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Martin Harris also made a meme that had me rofl’ing on the train on the way home, some people did however think I was having a seizure.

Martin Harris Inbound Meme

So, that’s how I got banned.

I did Tweet Rand Fishkin, Ed Fry and the main Inbound account – Still no reply.

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