Google’s “New Ranking Signal” & How It Can Hurt Your Rankings

Google’s “New Ranking Signal” & How It Can Hurt Your Rankings

Earlier today, Google announced that HTTPS is a “new ranking signal” that Google use when ranking sites in their SERPs. Now, let’s take a bit of a gander into this complete and utter, horse shit.

My Twitter feed blew up, as it does whenever Google make any announcement.. My reply is normally something like this –

I’ll still cover it on my blog, though.. More traffic from viral Google announcements, so why the heck not?


Apparently, Google is trying to encrypt the web. Don’t get me wrong, from an Anti-NSA point of view this is awesome! From a small businesses though, it’s another added cost to the already hella expensive online marketing campaigns that Google WANT you to run. Google don’t get shit when you rank a site in their SERPs, they get money when you pay for it to appear at the top.

Oh, and did you know –

Adding an SSL Certificate can actually HURT Your Rankings

Oh wow, Google’s advice could actually have an adverse affect.. Who knew?!

There’s a few different ways you can hurt your sites rankings through converting your site to HTTPS:

1) 301s –

Got links pointing to the http still? You NEED to 301 to your new https link, or the juice isn’t going to pass over. Alternatively do this on a forced level within the .htaccess, but GBot is dumb and often doesn’t recognize it.

2) Internal Linking –

Again, the same as changing your URLs, you need to do this on your site as well – Change any internal links to https, or Google’s crawl rate is going to be so low you’ll be feeling the heat of hell on your ballsack.

3) Canonicals –

Exact same as what I just said about internal linking, 301s etc… Setup your canconicals with https, or you’re screwed.

4) Duplicate Content –

As I mentioned above, if you haven’t got your .htaccess configured right.. You could have a http and a https version of your site – Duplicate content is a real issue.

Thanks For Reading –

As always, thanks for reading. Sorry for the small post but there really isn’t too much to talk about.

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