Lifting the Shit Show on “CloudPBN” – Updated

Lifting the Shit Show on “CloudPBN” – Updated

Update #4 –

I know, I know.. I said I wouldn’t post any more updates.. but something big has been brought to my attention.

More Upsells Than Comcast Support

I missed that you didn’t actually have to be logged in to view any of the guide/video content on the site. Thanks to user “Cash900” over at BBHF he pointed out that all of the content on the CPBN site, such as the quick start guide and videos.. Aren’t actually JUST accessible by users.

Here’s a full list of the content attached with the course:


2/3 of the pieces available here, are Upsells, trying to charge you a total extra of $84, and then you have the $500 spinner cost later in this post. I have purposefully not put links in, I don’t even want to give him a Nofollow link.

His quick start guide is full of inaccuracies, as well such as the list towards the end –


If Wyatt knew what he was talking about.. He’d of actually made a correct list – Car insurance is the most profitable niche in terms of earnings, with an average $450/conversion commission. Where as property sites, such as Zillow has an affiliate program that averages a $62/conversion commission – Also you have to go after multiple local search terms when doing property, insurance has a few main big ones or tends to be state/province wide. Meaning the traffic levels for your target sites will be a lot higher.

Next up is Wyatt;s Hurricane video, he got to “#4 in 4 days” using this software –

notice this

Shame I got to #2 in 1 –


He also mentioned this in the main sales video, which is where I got the idea to rank my own site for.


If you’re wanting a bit of a laugh, check out the last affiliate promotion that Devan and Wyatt ran –

It’s actually pretty sad that they ripped so many people off with this one. 3 months after launching the video vantage tool, and it has disappeared completely, with no refunds or support left.

Update #3 –

A very interesting past few days… This’ll more than likely be the last update to this post, though that depends if anything more happens or I am enlightened onto anything other than this – As a warning to the Trio (Becker, Devan and Wyatt) if you put out software again (such as your SEO Zen, Video Vanquish etc..) then I will be doing completely honest reviews of the software. Likewise with anyone else looking to put out shitty quality software on a large scale.

1) Sacrifice to a God

After the past few days of utter carnage and an admitted (after just 24 hours of launching) 2.5% refund rate (Bear in mind a lot of people won’t of even got through the documentation or seen my post in that time) Wyatt finally decided to jump onto a Skype call with me, which was very interesting.

Contrary to what Alex Becker was saying in his video, Wyatt has not developed this software at all.. He’s just hired another developer to do so. That developer was also added to the Skype conversation and I gave him the exact facts about all the footprints I found, they’re fixing the plugin footprint now but refused to comment on the 5+ other things I mentioned wrong with the software, which we’ll get into a bit further down – Also, there’s even more flaws now been discovered with the software.. So I’ll be updating that into this post, as well.

I spoke to Wyatt for around 2 hours via Skype and found a lot of things very interesting. For example, he said that CloudPBN was unique in many different ways, every way he described (e.g. the “automatic optimization”) I showed him software’s that already did that, and had done that for the past year+ – Such as MainWP, RankWyz, FCS, SENuke and a whole bunch more. His argument back to me was that “Well, the iPhone has a lot less features than Android yet they own the market share and Apple is the biggest brand in the world” (EXACT Quote), which I quickly replied to with 2 articles:

As you can see here –

wyatt skype

He was kind of baffled that I knew that of the top of my head, but then again.. If you’re a good marketer, you back up your arguments with fact – Unless you’re doing some kind of media manipulation, in which case.. Lying is excellent.

His developer said there’ll be a fix for that plugin footprint within the next day or so, though that is just ONE of the footprints and ONE of the issues I flagged with the software.


I’m not going to upload the 2 calls we had, that’d just be used by Wyatt as ammunition against his argument of my so called “personal attacks” against him – In reality, he just has a shit piece of software that I did an honest review on.

2) A New Spinning Issue 

As I mentioned below, the spinning quality on all of his example sites was terrible – That’s because I hadn’t actually looked into the spinning side of things. To even use his automatic poster, you need to have a copy of Spin ReWriter, which means he’s upselling you for a very minimum of $37 per month or close to $500 for a lifetime account. Not to mention that Spin ReWriter is one of the worst spinning softwares out there, go with WordAi for automatic spins or The Best Spinner for manual – Notice any affiliate links in that sentence? No, me neither.

Otherwise, if you want to “manage” your PBN and post content to it, you have to use the manual poster – Which you can just do with the free version of MainWP. So yeh, unless you have SRW, then there’s no point in ever getting this software – Though Wyatt doesn’t mention that in ANY of the pre-sold documentation or video, of course.

3) Footprint Number ?? & A Whole Bunch of Shitty Links

Ok, I’m genuinely not sure what number we’re on now, there’s been that many instances of this.

Another “Unique Feature” that Wyatt offers is that CloudPBN will build high quality links to your site, I already mentioned below that all those so called links haven’t been index – And close to 2 weeks later, still haven’t been indexed. Also, it’s not a unique feature as Rankwyz offer the exact same feature but they’ll build links for you to a ton more places than JUST YouTube video links, which is what CPBN offers, just nofollow video links from the domain.

The problem with that, is that unless you have a ton of YouTube accounts (Which are pretty expensive to buy, talking $2/account+) then all of your sites using this feature will have links from the exact same account pointing at your site. Also, the software automatically makes that video an Unlisted video.. Meaning Google are never going to index it unless you either manually go into the account and Publish it publicly OR build links to that video – So either way, those HQ Backlinks he offers, cost you more money, offer no value to your site and have a built-in footprint.

4) Getting A Refund

A lot of people in the comments have asked about getting a refund. If you have bought this software, and want a refund then by law Wyatt has to refund you within 10 days of buying the product.

You can request a refund here:

I embedded a Tweet because I didn’t want to link to his site from my blog and pass him any actual juice along.

Update #2 –

Ok, so it’s been over 72 hours since this post originally went live and it’s seem to pick up a load of traction – The Facebook like count speaks for itself in that way.. Though that count fluctuates across the board as Wyatt, Devin and Becker remove my post from people sharing it on their facebook groups.

1) Becker Censoring ALL THE THINGS!

I had someone in the comments talk about a conversation that happened in one of Alex Becker’s most popular facebook groups called “PBN Week”, which ended with close to 30 people banned.. Just from this one thread –

og post

As the thread was quickly deleted and users banned, I didn’t manage to get a full print screen but Anna (the one who started the discussion) had a ton of email notifications about the group and managed to put them all together for us.

You can view that thread print screen here – Warning, it’s BIG, make sure to zoom in from the bottom of the screenshot so you can see the messages in a somewhat chronological order - It’s not actually for ants 😉

It’s a compilation of all the emails she’d received about that specific conversation and it may have repeated messages etc.. as it’s just print screens added all together.


I had a number of other people tell me they were banned for discussing/sharing this article in his group. So I decided to make my very own Group, that isn’t full of censorship and setup purely to promote bad products at you.

You can join that PBN Group here, we’ve already had some awesome discussions going on!

2) CloudPBN’s Support is Super Shit.

After Wyatt went on a small rampage posting about how epic his support was on Facebook –

cpbn support

I decided to test out his support.

I emailed from a different email address to the account asking for my password to be reset via the following support email –

email 1

Within 12 hours, they sent me back an email with my new password from an email that was never associated with the account in the first place –

email 2

I decided to run the exact same test again, with the permission of Glen from ViperChill and guess what happened?

email 3

Yup, they reset his password too. Meaning I could essentially hijack his PBN and post to it, with just 2 minutes work.. and all I needed was the original account holders email and a 2ndry email that looks sort of similar and has the same name attached to it.

3) A “SMALL” Footprint

According to Becker’s recent post in his group –

small issue

The footprint I spoke about in this post a few days ago is actually really small.. *cough* bull *cough*

And it turns out, we’ve had the first person hit across all of his CPBN sites today –


Don’t worry though, the post was removed about 15 minutes after he posted it… I messaged him and asked if I could use his statement, he said yes but asked to remove his name publicly due to him having his business associated with his Facebook profile and he wouldn’t want Google looking into him – Bit late after posting in Becker’s group though.. lol.

So Becker, that “small” issue, is obviously not so small after all.. You’ve cost one person (so far) most of his business.

4) It’s Actually Really Sad.

It looks like Wyatt and crew are set to off made over $200,000 revenue in their first day of launch.. At least according to their print screens on his Facebook –

fbool 1


Ripping people off for a software that is available for free (MainWP) and jeopardizing their business isn’t funny and profiting off it is almost sickening – You could’ve potentially just lost the guy above his entire income, which his family relies on to survive. That isn’t good business Wyatt. I know you’re young, and so am I (actually younger than yourself) but you’ll quickly realize in later life how your actions have hurt people.


Once again, I don’t have anything against Becker, apart from how he’s started this phase of promoting garbage products for his own personal gain.. His content and most of his products are pretty good. I do however have something against this Wyatt kid and you can see why throughout this post.

Update #1 –

As this post gains a ton of traction throughout the community, and people like Glen over at ViperChill have started covering more stuff about this. I wanted to go into a bit more detail about some very worrying things that have come about in the last 24 hours – Most of which was me flying on a plane with no Internet Connection, and when I finally got home and logged on this morning.. I was very surprised to see a number of things.

1) Attacks Against Me Directly

It started off with a simple cease and desist letter, which my reply to was as follows (click image for full sized version) –

letter response

About 30 minutes after I sent this email, one of my friends on Facebook noticed a weird, slow loading time on my site –

I quickly checked if the site was up, and then pinged my server from my home connection, which normally gets a reply of about 100ms. To my surprise, it was returning in the regions of 450ms+… I quickly knew either the host was doing something (which nothing had been scheduled and none of the team had been working on the server) OR someone was DDoS’ing me – Yes it’s a coincidence, but it’s a pretty damn big one.

2) Example Keywords in the Sales Video

If you haven’t watched the video yet, then you won’t of seen it.. but he essentially mentions 2 sites in the video. The main one that he mentions is his site “” which has 2 PBN links from these 2 sites:

clearwater backlinks

Both of which are niche irrelevant domains picked up from an expired domain auction, with WordPress installed and poorly spun content put out onto the sites. Pretty much what CloudPBN does in a tin. That isn’t the point though.

Wyatt constantly refers to this keyword (“clearwater seo”) as being a competitive keyword – Even though 8/10 sites on the 1st page have 0 backlinks, the keyword gets 20 monthly searches and has a keyword competitive rating of under 20% (18% to be specific). I just bought, let’s see how long it takes me to outrank this kid – I’d estimate under 5 days.

3) Security is kinda relaxed

As Glen from ViperChill pointed out –

The security on the support side of the site is way to easily manipulated and the system itself isn’t put together very well, it actually uses the default PHP sessions but massively outdated – Meaning it took me a very small amount of time do something that I probably shouldn’t of done – It’s fine though, I did it from the Airport, which isn’t classed as being in a country, right? *looks at lawyer with hopeful eyes*

P.S. I didn’t break or touch anything from doing this, and used a fake PayPal/Proxy IP when buying the product itself.. Try and find which account I used now!

4) Spend Money to Footprint Your Network!

CloudPBN uses a “Slave Plugin” –

slave plugin

Unfortunately, Wyatt (or whoever he paid to develop this software) isn’t clever enough to set it up to use a different file name every time a user downloads it.. Meaning it creates a direct folder path that Google can check for when looking to see if any of your PBN sites run CloudPBN – making it MASSIVELY insecure against having all your sites penalized and all it takes Google, is a $37 payment to find out the name of that file and scan for sites using the that on a folder path. If you’re using CloudPBN, delete that plugin NOW.. Before Cutts and his buddies hop over to read this post and pick up a copy to destroy this software’s userbase.


I’m guessing if you’re an SEO, affiliate marketer or ever signed up to pretty much any Newsletter (except mine and a few bloggers that have something called dignity) within the industry.. You probably will of heard of this {Genius|Amazing|Revolutionary} method to Game Google with your very own PBN Builder called CloudPBN. Let’s start off by clearing it up, that it isn’t a PBN Builder, it’s a PBN Manager. For it to automatically build you a PBN, it’d both have to have hosting accounts automatically setup and for it to automatically buy domains, setup their private whois, edit the nameservers etc etc.. Which CloudPBN, does none of.

If you’re one of the people who hasn’t had their inboxed spammed to death over the past few days.. You can check out the video on this service here, before continuing with the rest of the post –

Essentially, all this tool does is install a theme to your already setup WordPress installation, configure 3 settings and then posts automatically spun content to your site. It does build some (apparently) “quality” tier 2 backlinks to all of these PBN sites that you have already setup and then ran through this tool.. but if we take a look at all 3 of his example site’s he showcased in the video, none of them have any links –

cloudpbn example site links 2 cloudpbn example site links 3 cloudpbn example site links 1

That’s an interesting mixture of no links actually being indexed at all to any of these sites.. The video was uploaded nearly a week ago, and I’m guessing made well before then in anticipation for this launch. It also seems the only Tier 2 backlinks he actually builds is from YouTube videos on your YouTube Account – Which gives 2 false positives –

1) You’ll probably get your account banned for mass uploading random spam.

2) The links from YouTube are nofollowed and often take a LONG time to index.. Resulting in a very poor way to use those links to index your domains, because as they’re nofollow they don’t actually offer any value to the site’s link profile, at all.

Then, when we take a look at one of these sites he showcases as an example.. The content looks like this –

reads bad

If you’re going to run this sort of thing, then at the very least you could use a spin software like WordAi that doesn’t confuse locations, dental services with insurance companies and randomly inserting specific brand names that are unrelated to your main topic completely.

The next part is he offers a “Publish Post” section –

publish post cloudpbn

Unfortunately, this is just the default WordPress post builder.. Meaning you can’t actually upload spun/spintax based articles – Meaning you’d individually have to run a spin of your different articles, which is a complete waste of time. FYI RankWyz has this exact same tool, but allows you to use more than just WordPress (Blogger, Tumblr, Bravejournal and about 25 other sites) as well as allows you to mass upload articles or upload one spun article to distribute across your site – CloudPBN does offer the mass posting feature, but as I said.. It uses their own Spinner and content scrapes, which are a load of sh*t (excuse my French) and are often irrelevant to the site itself.

His change to draft/delete feature is really good if you want to quickly remove clients posts/links from your site, or stick them into a draft –

edit or draft cloudpbn

Again though, it doesn’t have an option to edit the post (which makes more sense than wiping a bunch of content) and it doesn’t allow you to edit the anchor texts or money site links you’re pointing at the site – Making this feature almost useless for people who don’t have client sites on their PBN.

The only thing that is good about this tool is the price.. Which is apparently going to go up in the next few days, so maybe that’s a false positive, yet again.

You can get 3 sites for $37, though Rankwyz offers 25 sites (and an extra 100 Web 2.0s) for for less than $10, or an optionally less than $60 per month scheme that gives you a whole ton of pinging, captcha breaking services, backlink building integration and stat checkers, which CloudPBN don’t even come close to offering.. Yet according to the owner of CloudPBN, “this software is the first of it’s kind”.. I’ll call bullshit on that, then.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and learned not to trust all these big authority guys showing of this new service.

Thanks For Reading!

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I won’t be posting for a while, as I travel back to the UK tonight and after 3 months in Canada, the jet lag is going to be rather intense. Expect more posts next week though!

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