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Launching BlackHat.Community

I'd like to welcome you to a new Era of Black Hat SEO. The era of BH.C - The World's first, fully functional black hat tool suite & forum.

“Points of Income” – More E...

I'll be looking into another one of my own coined words - "Points of Income". I'll show you how to create a REAL Online Empire, that can literally never crumble.

The God of SEO Summer Reading Round-up, 2014

I'll be going through the SEO & Internet Marketing books I'm reading, and you should be too this Summer! In my first ever book based round-up.

Reddit – Ask Me Anything

I'm doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit /r/IAmA - Feel free to ask me about anything!

Even More #SEOMusic Songs!

I do my second roundup of SEO Music with even more awesome songs to get you hyped whilst doing SEO!

My Favourite TED Talks

All of my very favourite TED Talks put into one epic post, with a small piece on each video as well.

Pure Spam or Pure Bullshit?

I'll take a look at how I woke up this morning to a penalty and how I'm going about fixing it, as well as why I may of been hit with the penalty.

My New Position on the Search Quality Team

As of the 28th of April, I'll be finishing up on the God of SEO Blog and joining the ranks of the Google Search Quality Team.

How I Earned 6 Figures Before I Was 18

In this post I'll be going over how I earned over six figures in income before I'd even turned 18.

The God of SEO Top 10 #SEOMusic Songs!

I'll be going through my Top 10 Favourite Songs to Listen to whilst doing all my SEO and Internet Marketing work.

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