Income Report – August 2014

Income Report – August 2014

As my Income Report series seems to be getting ever more popular, I’ll be trying to release them every month as soon as that month is up. I even had Mike King drop me a Tweet saying he enjoyed them –

Shoutout to Mike, his Scraping Moz post was in my best of internet marketing series from last year!

What’s Been Happening?

As most of you know, I moved to Montreal for a few months. So I’ve been pretty busy in Canada. I started the month off with a barrage of posts, How to be the worst SEO Company possible was a bit of a name and shame post, which had pretty popular attention over at Reddit. Next up was my Summer Reading round-up, after I’ve been reading a TON this Summer and thought I’d put together a small guide onto what I was reading. Then I finished off with Google’s announcement of their new ranking factor and my opinion on it. After the constant content being put out, I headed over to Ottawa for Marie Haynes meetup, I got to stay in the Lake Leamy Hilton and headed to the Casino attached to it in the evening –

Before having a slight hangover and heading to the meetup, where we had a 3 hour lunch talking about Penalties, Spam, “Black Hat” and Spinning! Paul Macnamara was kind enough to let us go for a drink at his home, right next to the beautiful river with his very own little promenade –

The meetup was awesome, and I’d like to thank Marie for inviting me down as well! She’s an awesome SEO and knows her sh*t about penalized sites.

I also released the trailer for my book –

And, after being nominated by SerpDerp, I did the Ice Bucket Challenge –

You can donate here. Though, as Matt Woodward pointed out the ALS Foundation is in a bit of a heated debate about Corruption, so I donated my money to MNDA instead.

I also finished off August with a post on how to do Parasite SEO for local SERPs, and a post on the latest instalment of Panda and how it’s let a load of old, low quality site’s bounce back recently.

Statistics –

stats august

Unique Visitors: 5,486 / 5,076  (8% Increase)

Visits: 8,559 / 9,257  (7% Decrease)

Pageviews: 15,874 / 18,641 (14% Decrease)

I’ve had a pretty good increase in Uniques, but the rest of the stats have fallen by quite a bit. I’ll have to step up my game of attracting pageviews to different parts of the site in September, then.

As I’ll be focused on launching 2 new projects in September, I may have to drop of the blogging scene for a little while.. Though I will try and release as much content on the blog as possible before the release of my other 2 projects.

refs august

For the 2nd week in a row, Matt’s blog has referred a whole bunch of traffic to me, and I’m in the works of my 4th guest post on his blog this month, so we will hopefully see another spike in traffic again, soon.

My social media and Reddit have taken over the remaining spots, with a pretty big investment into Twitter and Facebook Ads it’s no surprise as my Facebook page also hit over 1,000 likes this month.

There’s also been a small increase in Organic traffic, though more to come on that one soon 😉

Earnings –

August has been pretty focused on some of the projects I’m launching in July, so I’ve had quite a few high outgoings. As well as I’ve been working on a new company that you may of seen popup in the sidebar of this site. More to come on all of this, very soon!

Affiliate Sales –

My blog’s never done that well with Affiliate sales, mostly because I don’t put in the time or effort into making a whole bunch of tutorials around this stuff, I prefer putting out as much relevant to the time period content, as possible instead.

SEO Traffic Hacks – $247.50 – An increase again this month by about $200, I did do a ThrowBack Thursday and re-shared the post all over my social media, which probably gained it a bunch more traction.

ThemeForest – $650 – My TF Income fell a bit this month, probably as last month’s boost from my One Year study has dropped off.

Ahrefs -$97 – Tiny rise, but Ahrefs doesn’t have the biggest comission payout – Though it is a retainer, which is always good.

Link Emperor – $802 – I now have 3 affiliate accounts with LE, as it’s hard to monitor the specifics when doing different campaigns with it, so I split them up in November and now have separate accounts for each affiliate campaign I’m running. Tiny drop, but I don’t really do much promotion of LE anymore, especially after a good friend of mine got negative SEO’d by them.

iWriter – $131.70 – Grown again, but not by much.. Still is great for being able to order good content for my link building work.. For free! Make’s it fantastically valuable.

I decided to remove Backlink Beast as it’s just a waste of time trying to promote it right now. This’ll be the last time I feature this message in an income report.

Tube Assist – 11 Subscriptions @ $5/Month = $55 – Stayed steady at the exact same as last month. People don’t seem to unsubscribe from this service but don’t seem to be signing up as much previously.

Consultancy/SEO Work –

As I changed the banner from my course to my blog network this month, I’ve seen a pretty sharp rise in sales from it and have been averaging 1 sale nearly every day this month. I also had an increase in super network sales.

Super Network – £391 / $650

Public Blog Network – £873 / $1,450

Course – £259 / $445

As a pre-warning, now that I have a team behind Godlike and I don’t do much (if any) of the client work any more, I only take on average around a 20% revenue cut per client as opposed to the much higher percentages I was taking when doing all the work myself. I do still however handle 2 clients to myself which I take the full revenue from.

SEO Work: £7,995 / $13,271 – I grew my earnings by quite a bit this month, as I signed a one month contract to do some extra parasite work for a company, and have added an extra thousand pounds a month by doing more in my day to day job.

Total Earnings This Month: £10,723 / $17,799

This month’s been pretty laid back in regards to work.

Thanks For Reading –

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