The Best Affiliate Site, EVER.

The Best Affiliate Site, EVER.

Before I go into the post itself, a quick shoutout to James for finding this site and helping me with the blog post.

What is the Site?

James works in the tool trade, so he monitors the SERPs pretty heavily for the company he works with.

Likewise, he actively monitors all the domains and site sales in the niche, and when a site popped up that was extremely interesting, he decided to drop me a Skype message… Which led to my holiday (in Montreal, currently) being delayed for a few hours of research into this site which makes a small fortune in amazon affiliate income every month using some very basic skills.

The site itself is

A pretty cool domain, wouldn’t be used on a very large scale corporate business but could easily be used for a smaller scale business.

According to SEMRush it’s currently indexed for just over 350 different keywords (and SEMRush only monitors keywords over 260 monthly searches, so that is pretty good going!)

It also makes close to $1,800 per month with little to no effort (according to it’s flippa listing)

So, How does it work?

Essentially, the site just pulls Amazon products and creates products with affiliate links within the checkout cart, all this is done via this CodeCanyon premium plugin.

The description that is pulled from Amazon is then spun via a very clever spinning system – More than likely it’ll be WordAi’s Turing Spinner so it’s actually readable content. Once it’s spun it’s then put into a product page like this –


It even pulls in the sales price and creates a range of banners, such as the “Limited Time” banner you see above.

The site also pulls in the images and any videos associated with the product.

The template used is a premium theme called 456Industry on ThemeForest along with a custom logo that I could’ve done in Photoshop in around 5 minutes.

To set all this up? You’re looking at a good few hours.

The Result?

305,000 Pages Indexed in Google! –

toolfanatic index

Which shows when you look at some of the products (inner pages) ranking for good keywords –

semrush example

Creating some pretty damn good traffic to the site –

alexa toolfanatic

And all of this from some automated web 2.0 blogs (mainly from Foreign Edu sites) using trackbacks and comments backlinks –

toolfanatic backlinks

With the strongest backlink coming from the Flippa listing I showcased earlier. I’d also guess the new strongest backlink will be from this blog post next.

It also seems nearly all of the backlinks were picked up within a 10 day period in April, so he didn’t even drip feed the rather crappy quality links!

The Domain –

Within the Flippa listing it says the site is over 7 years old, but prior to the site actually having a site on it (according to Web Archive) it was just a domain for sale and up until December there was no site at all. So I’m guessing he’s either the same owner or has just bought the domain, specifically for it’s age and sales potential on Flippa.

The Awesome Part!

Right now, you could actually buy this site.

flippa sale

It’s currently on Flippa with 16 bids, sitting at $9,500! Yup, that’s close to $10k for a couple automated links, automatically spun content and a pretty badass premium WordPress theme and plugin.

Thanks! –

I hope you enjoyed my short but sweet blog post, I wanted to get a post out today and I hope you enjoyed the research we did into the site. I’ll be doing both my March and April Income Report in a big conjoined report and releasing it next week as well, sorry for the delay on them!

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