One Year On – The God of SEO Case Study

I take a look at my blog a year later from when I started it. The Incredible Journey of Growth I've had and exactly how I've managed to do it.

Income Report – September 2014

Find out how I made nearly $100,00 this month in the God of SEO September, 2014 Income Report and exactly what I did to earn that.

Panda 4.1 aka #27 is Out!

Google announced yesterday that the newest edition of Panda is out. It's time for some wild speculation and a whole bunch of discussion.

Source Autopilot – How to get Deindexed for $1,300/Month

I do another completely honest review, this time showcasing Alex Becker's "Source Autopilot" - Which is one of the worst link networks I've ever seen.

Blog Networks, Ban Hammers & A Whole Lot of Fear

In this post, I compile my research looking into deindexed PBNs. I speak to a number of SEOs who have had sites hit and look into the sites.

Launching BlackHat.Community

I'd like to welcome you to a new Era of Black Hat SEO. The era of BH.C - The World's first, fully functional black hat tool suite & forum.

How to Steal A Blog’s Newsletter Subscribers in 15 Minutes

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to steal nearly every blog on the Internet's newsletter subscribers in just under 15 minutes, using some sneaky tricks.

Private Blog Networks.

I'll be showing you my take on how Private Blog Networks are built, created and managed in a pretty short video.

How To Email A Facebook Group, That You Don’t Even Own

In this tutorial, I show you exactly how I stole Alex Becker's entire Facebook Group and managed to mass email everyone of them to join mine. You can do the exact same for your niche/competi...

Lifting the Shit Show on “CloudPBN” – Updated

I'll be taking a look at the new Affiliate Email Spam Rage Product - "CloudPBN" and how utterly crap it is. Also, they attacked me for this review.

How To Buy Domains, The Right Way

In this tutorial, I'll be showing you exactly how to buy your expired or aged domains, the right way to use as 301s, for your own network or whatever!

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