One Year On – The God of SEO Case Study

I take a look at my blog a year later from when I started it. The Incredible Journey of Growth I've had and exactly how I've managed to do it.

Stack That Money Review, From $0 to $10K/Month!

Check out my Review of Stack That Money, The #1 Affiliate Forum in the World and how you can go from $0 to $10,000 per MONTH with their follow-a-long case studies, epic tool suite and Super ...

The God Blog Returns

In August, Charles will be back on the blog posting every week, but until then.. We have a lot in store for you.

SEO Recovery Review – Cheap Lies

Learn exactly why this course and plugin is a bunch of lies, copy and pasted/repetitive information and has stolen from free plugins.

Black Hat Underground & Why I’m Repealing My Support

I don't normally do this style of post, but felt conflicted enough to have to chime in on the situation at hand and repeal my support for the BHU Forum.

The Ultimate SEO Vendor List

Looking to get SEO Services done? I'll show you my ultimate list of the best vendors around.

Black Hat SEO Can Be Long Term [3 Case Studies]

Welcome to the most revolutionary SEO Case Study of 2014. Real, Hard Evidence that Black Hat SEO is and can be completely long term.

How To Better Your Blog Network

In this new research based tutorial, I'll show you how to better your PBNs quality signals by using some free or cheap methods to improve the quality and link juice being passed from your PB...

SEO Optimatic aka Push Button Bullshit

Another Alex Becker promotion, another load of shit. Check out this honest review of the latest instalment in push button bullshit.

Income Report – September 2014

Find out how I made nearly $100,00 this month in the God of SEO September, 2014 Income Report and exactly what I did to earn that.

Panda 4.1 aka #27 is Out!

Google announced yesterday that the newest edition of Panda is out. It's time for some wild speculation and a whole bunch of discussion.

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